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  • Choose Plug-in Hybrid. Choose Suzuki.
  • 25 August 2020
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    Choose Plug-in Hybrid. Choose Suzuki.

    The Suzuki range* is now a self-charging HYBRID one, meaning outstanding performance, greater fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions**. All without having to plug in your car to charge. No hassles, no need to change your driving style, and you'll save money. Plenty of reasons to drive happy, right?
With climate change becoming a real, scary thing within this world, Suzuki wanted to create a vehicle with amazing fuel efficiency, whilst making travelling more clean for all. The new petrol electric hybrid advanced driving system helps to reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions and improve overall fuel economy. Do not fret, just becasue Suzuki have introduced a hybrid range does not mean perfomance will be negatively effected at all- in fact it is the complete opposite. The hybrid systems are made to be very light and compact, this combined with lightweight chassis and responsive efficient petrol engine means anyone who has one can expect an excellent performance. 

There is a few different electric and hybrid systems available to purchase and we want you to know the difference between the systems and also the benefits they carry, so you can make the right decision for you. 

Identifying Your Hybrid

Every hybrid has a basic petrol or diesel engine, as well as an electric motor powered by another battery. The motor works in sync with the petrol or diesel engine to lessen fuel consumption. 

Some hybrids have big batteries, that need to be plugged in to charge- so one can travel a number of miles using solely the electric motor. This is called a plug-in hybrid. 

There are some other hybrids which have batteries that are charged only by recovered energy, which would normally be lost during braking and deceleration. These are self-harging hybrids and this is the one that Suzuki is using!

How does Suzuki HYBRID work?

It's not as complicated as it sounds. The hybrid system uses an electric motor knows as an integrated starter generator (ISG) which works in sync with your vehicle's petrol engine. The ISG is powered by another battery that is charged as you brake and decelerate. 

The extra battery also have some more advantages. It assists in powering all additional electrical systems such as: safety features, air conditioning, bluetooth and smartphone connectivity to name a few. That does not include all the electric componenets to help the car to move. Furthermore, having another battery powers your car and also relieves some of the load of the standard 12-volt battery.

What it means for you.

One of the mjor advantages of the Suzuki Hybrid system is it can lead to a vast improvement in your car's effiiciency, so much so as a 15% boost to fuel economy and a 25% reduction of Carbon Dioxide emissions. 

Find out more about the Suzuki HYBRID range today.

The future is Hybrid. 

Karina Sahota
Digital Marketing Executive

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